Smolt Traps

Over the next couple of weeks the Finfish program will be installing smolt traps throughout six South Sound streams. This will be the NR Departments 10th year of smolt trapping studies. Please come and join us in the fun of installing smolt traps. We could use any help that we can get to install as quickly as possible. I can guarantee that you will have a great time working hard outdoors with your fellow cohorts…and maybe some nice weather too. Please contact Doyle Foster at 360-432-3859 or cell 360-239-4893 for specific details of when and where we will be during the week.

When: Monday April 7th-Friday April 11th and Monday April 14th- Friday April 18th.

Where: Cranberry, Johns, Goldsborough, Sherwood, Mill and Skookum Creeks

What to bring: Chest waders (or hip boots), Rain Gear, warm clothes, gloves, hat and Lunch.

Thanks and hope to see you all out in the stream with us!!!!

JoeFish and Doyle

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