Cooperation at Salmon Harvest Talks

A little break from negotiations leads to a healthy discussion between Tribal and Non-tribal representatives at the annual North of Falcon Process. From the Kitsap Sun:

Tribal and nontribal fishermen may have their differences in background and culture. But there’s no denying that they share a passion for telling fish stories.

“We all, as fishermen, get that bug in the springtime,” said Ray Fryberg, fisheries manager for the Tulalip Tribe in Northern Puget Sound. “When you get that seaweed smell from the beach, you know its time to clean up the boat and get ready to go.”

Late Tuesday afternoon, more than 50 people involved in negotiating this year’s salmon seasons in Washington state took a two-hour break from the technical discussions. For the first time in about 15 years, they sat together around a table and spoke of their love for salmon.

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