Squaxin Tribes Brownfield Public Record

Some considerations for Brownfield site prioritization include:

  • Should sites classified as Cleanup Started sites rank higher than Awaiting Cleanup, because there is already momentum and an identified site owner?
  • What sites have the highest risk pollutants, and are they mobile in water?
  • Which sites may cause immediate health risk to aquatic species?
  • Which sites are located over critical aquifer recharge areas or immediately on shellfish beaches?
  • Eliminate certain sites as highest priority because of our existing knowledge of them for example duplicate sites with the same address.
  • Develop a criteria appropriate to use for further ranking all of the remaining sites.
  • Draft criteria appropriate for selecting the top 10 to 15 sites.
  • Initiate communication with the City of Shelton and with the City of Olympia to discuss the cities’ priorities for cleanup (since there are so many contaminated sites in both of these downtown areas.)

Squaxin Tribe Brownfield Public Record

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