South Sound Science: Introductory Remarks and Joe Gaydos

Jeff Dickison welcomed attendees.

Tribal fishermen have moved onto chum salmon.  While sockeye was good this year, coho salmon was dismal.  We need to look into this.

Referenced new research into algal blooms that provide danger to fish.  Ask Jeff to email you the article.

Thanked planners and sponsors.

Dr. Julia Parrish (University of Washington) will be facilitator today.

Encouraged us to focus on integrating ideas for a research agenda.

Joe Gaydos of The SeaDoc Society provided opening remarks.  He is a member of Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel, and Northwest Straits Commission.  Here are some selections from his talk:

Used example of Lancet article stating there was a link MMR vaccine and autism that has since been discredited as an example of denialism.

“prescription for denialism: allege there is a conspiracy, use fake experts, cherry-pick evidence, create impossible standards for your opponents, use logical fallacies, manufacture doubt”

“…we expect miracles, but have little faith in those capable of producing them.” -Michael Specter, Denialism

There is a “scientific vacuum in a world of information overload.”

Scientists are too negative and too literal, and we’re poor story-tellers (Don’t Be Such a Scientist – Randy Olson)

We need share our research to the public in a way they can understand

“Step 1: Resolve to speak for your science”

“Step 2: Know the playing field” (know what the media expects)

“Step 3: Pursue excellence and be realistic”

“Step 4: Expect backlash” (possible personal, and possibly from other scientists)

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