How would you restore Budd Inlet?

The attendees of the Symposium today are being asked “How would you restore Budd Inlet?”

A table sized map of Budd Inlet has been laid out in the event center, with dozens of possible projects represented by a paper cup. Each attendee can take ten pieces of gravel and vote for each project with one or more piece of gravel.

Below is Tracey Farrel from the Department of Ecology and Joe Peters of the Squaxin Island Tribe assessing their choices.

You can view more photos of the Symposium here.

1 thought on “How would you restore Budd Inlet?

  1. And the winners are….. the most pebbles ended up in the cups for removing the 5th Ave. dam at Capitol Lake and creating an intertidal bench in Capitol Lake.
    Other popular projects included:
    – removing 160 feet of bulkhead at teh DNR marine lab and add wood along a reach that is designated a s apriority sediment source feeding a forage fish spawning beach
    – agressive reforestation of Gull Harbor uplands
    – restoring tidal access to Ellis Creek by replacing a culvert with a wider design or a bridge.

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