Tumwater Falls Hatchery Chinook Update

Fall Chinook have begun to arrive at the Tumwater Falls Hatchery.   Washington Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) post weekly  In-Season Hatchery Escapement Reports online through out the year.  Current year escapement updates are available along with past years reports.

Snapshot of a WDFW In-Season Hatchery Escapement Report:

WDFW In-Season Hatchery Escapement Report from Wednesday September 4th, 2008

WDFW In-Season Hatchery Escapement Report from September 4th, 2008

Tumwater Falls Hatchery

Tumwater Falls Hatchery

As of Wednesday September 3rd, Tumwater Falls Hatchery has reported a return of 60 adult Fall Chinook so far.  Generally Tumwater Falls Chinook  will begin to enter the Deschutes River in late August continuing through October.   WDFW staff will begin random spawning of 2500 Chinook (1:1 male to female ratio) in late September through late October for collection of broodstock for continued hatchery production. Peak spawning is mid-October.  Spawning occurs about three times a week. Visitors are welcome to watch WDFW staff spawn Chinook at the Tumwater Falls Hatchery.

Squaxin Fall Chinook Fishery Report:

The fishery has slowed way down.  Earlier this week Salish Seafoods reported buying about 100 1bs. of Chinook for one night.

Chinook catches from Budd Inlet and Marine Areas 13D as of September 2nd: 9800 at an average of 13.5 lbs per fish.