Squaxin Island 2013 Annual Commercial Net Fishing Regulations

On June 13th, 2013, Squaxin Island Tribal Council approved the 2013 Annual Commercial Net Fishing Regulations.   These annual regulations consist of the:  2013 Annual Commercial Net Fishing Regulations of The Squaxin Island Tribe with 2013 Fall Chinook Net Fishing Reglations (AR-13-01)   2103/2014 Coho and Chum Commercial Net Regulations of The Squaxin Island Tribe (AR-13-02)    A fishery is open by Emergency Regulation that is filed by the Squaxin Island Natural Resources Department.  Each Emergency Regulation will be posted at the Squaxin Natural Resources Department as well as online at the  Squaxin Island Website.  A summary of Emergency Regulations will also be provided on a twenty-four (24) hour “hotline” by calling 360-432-3899.

Questions regarding any Squaxin Island Treaty Net fishing please contact:
Joseph Peters
Squaxin Island Fisheries Management Biologist
360-432-3813 or jcpeters@squaxin.us 

2013 forecasts for deep south Puget Sound stocks

Fall Chinook

Kennedy Creek Adult Chum Counts Increasing

Will Henderson surveying Kennedy Creek

Will Henderson surveying Kennedy Creek

Chum salmon are beginning to make their way up Kennedy Creek.  This weeks stream surveys have shown increased adult chum with an estimate of 6,262 live and 264 dead chum from the Kennedy Creek falls to the mouth down at Highway 101. 
Kennedy Creek Chum

Kennedy Creek Chum

With this increase of adult chum on the spawning grounds of Kennedy Creek, Squaxin Natural Resources will have a 24 hour Chum fishery in Totten Inlet and Pickering Passage 4:00pm Friday November 7th through 4:00pm Saturday November 8th.   

Detailed Regulations are available below and at the Squaxin Island Tribe Website.

Emergency Regulation ER-08-12 Chum Totten Pickering Drift Net

Emergency Regulation ER-08-13 Chum Totten/Pickering Beach Seine

A summary of the Squaxin Island Tribal Fisheries is also available on the Squaxin Island Hotline: 360-432-3899

Squaxin Island Tribe Suspends Salmon Fisheries to Meet Totten Inlet Escapement Needs.

Spawned out Chum Salmon

Spawned out Chum Salmon

As of 9 AM Sunday October 26, the Squaxin Island Tribe suspended all directed salmon fisheries to ensure that Totten Inlet meets its escapement goal. 2008 Escapement goal for Totten Inlet is 14,400 chum. On Wednesday October 29 Squaxin NR staff walked Kennedy Creek and only counted 1922 live and 55 dead chum.

Doyle Foster conducting a Adult Chum Spawner Survey

Doyle Foster conducting an Adult Chum Spawner Survey

These numbers are very low; normally we are seeing 4,000 to 8,000 chums in Kennedy Creek by this week.  We are assuming that very low flows (lack of rain) are contributing to the low counts.  We are optimistic that with current weather forecast for the up coming week that chum will start to move through the system.

Squaxin Island Tribe Fall Chum Fisheries are based on in-season escapement numbers for each of our inlets.   For example, if this weeks Kennedy Creek stream counts were well on the way to the escapement goal,  we would have had an opening this week.

At this time we will be holding off any scheduled Fall Chum fisheries until we get another count on Kennedy Creek next week.  We will be going out to Kennedy to survey early next week.