South Sound Science: Laurie Pierce

Laurie Pierce, Operations and Facilities Director at LOTT Alliance on “The evolution of wastewater treatment at the LOTT Clean Water Alliance”:

Main treatment facility is in the heart of Olympia, and discharges into the Budd Inlet.  A portion of the discharge (up to one million gallons) is reclaimed for reuse.

She explained the history of treatment facilities to accomodate new laws, population, and for better water quality.

Satellite treatment plants:  Lacey (Hawk’s Prairie), then Tumwater, and then the Chambers Prairie area in order to accomodate growth.

Showed current permit limits for total inorganic nitrogen and BOD according to season, and loading-based limits.  These are “some of the most stringent in country.”

Plan extends to 2053.

LOTT Alliance’s focus on education

A couple of questions and answers:

How are you dealing with emerging chemicals of concern?

We have a long retention time, which according to EPA is good for these contaminents of concern.

Rate structure and history of?

We began in incremental increase about five years ago, $1.50 a year.  We don’t foresee huge adjustments.

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