Deschutes Water – Cuoio Gets it Wrong, Again

Why can’t Lacey City Manager Greg Cuoio think before he opens his mouth and insults the Squaxin Island Tribe? Or maybe he does think and his insults are intentional. In any case, Cuoio’s recent comments to the Olympian are an inaccurate rendition of the current status of very delicate discussions regarding the continued plundering of water resources by the likes of the City of Lacey. At best they are uninformed and his blurting of Lacey rhetoric to the local press establishment is offensive to the Tribe.

As a result, in the coming days I will present a more detailed and accurate description of what is really going on and a reasoned argument as to why Lacey should cease and desist their arrogant attempts to steal water from its rightful owners. Please stay tuned. I am sure you will find this perspective to be enlightening.