Spring Storm Makes Mess of Smolt Traps

April 1st Smolt Trap Update:

Yesterday we were able to get the traps  fishing again only to let the blow out panels lose today. With another big spring storm scheduled to hit Western Washington early Friday morning, we are preparing for the worst and want to save Skookum and Cranberry traps from complete destruction.

The weir panel traps are designed to blow out when  there is higher water and debris gathers at the panel.  Add more than an inch of rain and windblown debris and the force on can snap wire, bend T-post and break panels.

Fortunately we installed these traps a week and half earlier than normal.  Generally we are not seeing out-migrating coho smolt for another week.  We plan to get things back to normal early next week and begin installing Sherwood and Mill Creek traps.

Goldsborough screw trap is still fishing.

March 29th @9:43 am

Wind and Rain from the spring storm that hit Western Washington Sunday and Monday blew out smolt traps temporarily. As of 7 am Monday March 29th and estimated 1.3 inches of rain fell in Kamilche since Saturday.

Water flowing over Skookum Creek smolt trap panels.

Water almost flowing over Skookum Creek smolt trap panels.

We had water flowing over the top of the weir panels and one tree fell over the screw trap diversion panels .

A wind blown tree over Goldsborough

A wind blown tree over Goldsborough

In a few days after the weather has calmed and the creek levels lower  we will get the traps buttoned back up and we will continue installing our remaining two traps.